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Through the looking glass and beyond - SMH

"In the library of the future, a robot will find the book you want, remove it from its shelf and deliver it to a service counter for your collection."

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Spatializing Photogenic Density - Assignment 3 Final

This video shows the outcomes of a series of experiments involving Social Media, Yahoo! Pipes, and Photosynth. This explores the possibilities of creating new spaces and 3d objects through photogenic density, turning point clouds from Photosynth into useful information for design decisions, something which at the end i called a "photogenic viewing platform".  

All the photosynth point clouds were left as-is and no alterations were done to them. Rather than trying to make precise reconstructions, this experiment favoured the uncontrolled and unintentional in what makes up social media.

Setbacks during this experiment included problems with the Yahoo! Pipe. Ultimately a mixture of Pipes and direct rss feeds were instigating, weakening the "mashiness" of the Pipe.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Assignment 3 Part 1 - Setting up the pipe

Social Media Photo Firehose - Combines vendors from Flickr, Panoramio, Picasa, Photobucket, DeviantArt. 

Mashiness Performance - BAD

Pipe returned with only 14 results, with results parsed from photobucket only.


1) Flickr has over 16000 photos related to "UNSW," either Yahoo! Pipes will time-out due to the number of data in the feed, or Flickr will stop the requests comming from the API. It may not even be feasible to push 16000 photos into Photosynth even if the pipe can parse 16000 results into a feed. 

2) A complex of operations was set up with multiple sites, particularly linking Google spreadsheets to loop call for page numbers. As a result there are weak links in the Pipe. For example, if Google Spreadsheets fails to parse then the rest of the URL will not work. 


1) reduce "mashiness" of the pipe and cut the pipe into individual vendors. 

2) reduce scope of images, perhaps shrink the data sample to highest rated 3000 images of "unsw"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

XBox Kinect Hack - 3D Room Scanning and Model Construction

Assignment 3 Proposal

Proposal: To combine social media, photogammatery and spatial information systems to determine "Photogenic Densities"

Technologies Used:  Social Media, Yahoo! Pipes, PhotoSynth+Toolkit and 3dsMax.

Social Media And GIS Mashup - Flickr, Panoramio, YouTube Densities.

Social Media and GIS Mashup - Flickr, Panoramio, YouTube Densities based on "likes", Parramatta and Blacktown.

Yahoo! Pipes Social Media Firehose.

Identification of the most photogenic facade in the search "UNSW Library"

My proposal aims to use Yahoo! Pipes to tap into the wealth of bottom-up information available in social media, visualize them using Photosynth, and overlay them onto a geographic plane or a geographic model.

The information can be used to determine desirable photogenic orientations, and/or popular spaces where people has been in. The key is not to get a overall accurate photosynth from social media, but to determine how one face/element/orientation etc is more detailed and popular than the other, thereby allowing us to see a range of densities and allowing us to make a judgement of photogenic facades and desirable/undesirable spaces.


1) Scale/Selection of Survey area(s) - To make a comparison, ie "UNSW" i will have to filter through more than one keyword and one set of synth, ie all the buildings and spaces in the whole UNSW Campus. First thing would be to identify general areas in the UNSW campus worth doing the query. 2 weeks will not cover every building in the entire campus. If i scale it down to an area or several areas, what justification do i have for that?

2) Variation of Detail - Finding a visual/geometric standard to determine photogenic rating. Amount of point cloud per search/ Amount of polygons per mesh?

3) Integrity and mashiness of the Yahoo! Pipe - Does the Yahoo! Pipe perform as expected? Can many different social media vendors (Flickr, Panoramio, Picasa, Photobucket etc)can be joined into one pipe, or are they all on separate file and "unmashed"

AR Museum Way-finding Model - FINAL

Since the slice modifier fails to export into .ive format, ive taken a more brute approach where i simply scaled the model on the right keyframes. The model still suffered from a few setbacks mainly its refusal to animate or add texture to geometries that have many vertices. Nevertheless this is still an improvement from the last try.

AR Museum Way-finding Model - First Pass

Here is a video of the ar model directly converted into .ive format. As you can see around 70% of the animation has been lost, rendering this device less useful.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PROBLEMS! Museum Way-finding Aid

Looks like 70% of all the effects i intend to pull out of max is not going to make it into the model. A lot of explanation is required, so i just made a video of all the problems here.